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Improve Your Innovation and Design Thinking

Translate ideas into execution and action, and deliver with clarity and confidence
Lead effective brainstorming sessions, and increase employee engagement

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“One of the best courses I have been to in a long time.The content was thorough, practical and relevant in today's environment.


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Discover new ways to move your organization forward through business model innovation and design thinking - a human-centred, rapid prototyping approach that helps tap in to creative potential.

Personal Benefits

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Generate New Ideas, Products and/or Processes

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Learn From The Best In The Industry

Program Curriculum:

Introduction to Design Thinking

Needfinding Field Research

Focused Brainstorming

Prototyping and Presentations

Session leaders include Salman Mufti, Associate Dean and Executive Director of Smith School of Business Executive Education, as well as industry experts.

These outstanding teachers are constantly in touch with today's business world through real-world business experience, board memberships and their own consulting practices.

Improved ability to lead creative brainstorming sessions

Deliver your ideas with clarity and confidence

Higher employee engagement

Decreased development times thanks to rapid prototyping

Develop rapid prototypes to evaluate and communicate proposals


Ernst & Young

New products or services better aligned with customer needs

This 2-day program in downtown Toronto will enable you to:

Empathize to discover new customer needs

Increased acuity for discovering customer needs

Organizational Benefits